America needs more ambassadors and we need them now

By Nancy G. Brinker September 24, 2017 FOX News America stands in the midst of great challenges at home and threats from abroad. If we fail in our duty to sustain and foster stronger ties between nations, then we run the risk of fracturing centuries-old alliances that have served to keep our people safe and […]

Washington must reset healthcare reform

By Nancy G. Brinker August 1, 2017 The Hill Americans have access to the best healthcare in the world, yet the way it is sold, administered, and even legislated is more befitting of a third-world country than our exceptional nation. We have the tools and resources to reform this broken system and set it on […]

Joe Lieberman’s Virtues

By Nancy G. Brinker June 9, 2017 The Daily Caller The Republican Party occupies more real estate inside the federal government and state houses across the country today than at any other point in the last 100 years. This was largely accomplished because the party offered an attainable vision for the country that was predicated […]

History Provides a Path Forward on Healthcare Reform

By Nancy G. Brinker May 16, 2017 Newsmax President Reagan was a visionary. Few of his contemporaries gave him credit, but history has judged our 40th President as such. On his desk in the Oval Office sat a plaque that read: “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can […]

Brinker: Quite A Punch, But Peoria Not Down For The Count

By Nancy G. Brinker February 14, 2017 Peoria Journal Star On Washington Street in Downtown Peoria sits the Caterpillar Visitors Center & Museum. Opened in 2012, the 50,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility celebrates the company’s roots in Peoria going back 107 years and, more importantly, lays out a vision for its future. That future, up until recently, […]

Please Aim The ‘Cancer Moonshot’ At The Stars

December 8, 2016 By Nancy G. Brinker and Eric T. Rosenthal Originally published in The Hill A suggestion for President-elect Trump while he’s draining the Washington swamp: Don’t always throw out the baby with the swamp water. He’s already indicated that he’s willing to do that with the Affordable Care Act, since he now seems open to […]

Trump’s Can-Do Cabinet

By Nancy G. Brinker December 1, 2016 The Hill In building an internationally recognized organization from a kitchen table to a boardroom, I had a long experience with, and was privileged to have, great colleagues in building an amazing team around a mission to accomplish great things. President-elect Donald Trump has set forth a mission: […]


March 10, 2015 Miami Herald LGBT People Deserve Fairness on the Job By Nancy G. Brinker Considering the successes we’ve achieved over the years, it is difficult to imagine that in our lifetime women felt a shame and stigma around breast cancer — one that a small group of women and I vowed to end […]